I've created this handy guide so you can have a cohesive brand across any and all platforms. Here is your resource for all the fonts used and where you can find them to download to your computer and add to Canva for the matching marketing and product pieces. Some may be paid fonts and best practice would be to purchase a license for personal use.

I hope these brands will help skyrocket your business or be a launching pad for existing businesses! Happy creating, friend!

with love, Britt

Click PREVIEW and then the site preview link to easily copy hex numbers and grab font links.

You can also copy this block into a new browser:










Brand color palette

Main background color + light text on dark backgrounds

Neutral background

Neutral background

UNUSED - Add in your own accent or neutral color

UNUSED - Add in your own accent or neutral color

Accent color

Accent color

Used for all dark text on light backgrounds

Always work from dark (left) to light (right)